Roads & Sewers

Adoptable Roads & Sewer Construction.

Humac Civil Engineering Ltd are true professionals when it comes to Roads and Sewer Construction.

We hold extensive approved certification for the Road and Street Works Act (RASWA) for working in existing roads and constructing new access ways to adoptable standards.

  Experts in delivering Adoptable Roads and Footpaths in accordance with Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980, Humac Civil Engineering Ltd can provide a comprehensive Road construction service.

Alterations to an Existing Public Highways can also be accommodated, including road widening and Junction improvements.

  Section 104 of the of the Water Industry Act 1991 applies to the Adoption of Sewers.

Sewers which are constructed either on or off site will generally fall under this agreement. Small and large diameter pipe work including, surface water storage solutions, headwalls and balancing facilities pose no difficulties to the experience of Humac Civil Engineering.

  Specialists in Traffic Calming, HCE can undertake the installation of Traffic Calming measures on both Main arterial roads and new Estate Roads where required.

Humac Civil Engineering Ltd can organise and manage other services such as Statutory Authorities (Gas, Water, Electric & BT) along with associated Street Lighting and Road Marking works where required.

Roads to Adoptable Standard (Section 38)

  • Adoptable Estate Roads
  • Section 278
  • Junction Improvements

Drainage to Adoptable Standard (Section 104)

  • Adoptable Drainage
  • Large Diameter Concrete Drainage
  • Headwalls
  • Catch Pits
  • Balancing Facilities
  • Pumped Surface and Foul Stations
  • On-Site Storage

Ancillary Services

  • Street Lighting
  • Multi-utility Services
  • Traffic Calming
  • White Lining
  • Road Signage
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