Site Remediation

Give your Development a solid Foundation.

From initial site investigations to remediation strategies and implementation Humac are your first choice for the complete Land Remediation solution, providing a streamlined service with one point of contact.

Whether you need to address a small spillage or to overcome a long-term legacy of contamination, our practical, hands-on approach combined with fixed price solutions mean you can budget with confidence from the outset.

Our team of experienced specialists are on hand to deal with technical queries, and offer expert advice to ensure correct categorisation and recommendations for treatment and disposal. This in conjunction with a rapid turnaround for sampling and analysis provides a valuable service for clients.

  Just one of the processes undertaken to stabilise land for development.

Dynamic Compaction is the process of systematically compressing the surface of the ground with a heavy weight dropped from a height, it improves the bearing capacity of a wide range of materials, but works better in general on loose granular fill materials.

  Japanese Knotweed the United Kingdoms most invasive non native plant.

It is notoriously expensive and difficult to remove correctly and only a specialist should be employed when removal is required.

Japanese Knotweed can cause structural damage to buildings if left in-situ and not treated.


  • Geotechnical and Environmental Reports
  • Pre and Post Remediation Strategies
  • Dynamic Compaction (Vibration and Driven)
  • Borrow Pitting
  • Screening
  • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) Disposal

Specialist Services

  • Japanese Knot Weed Removal and Treatment
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