Site Clearance

Give your development a head start.

Humac Civil Engineering can undertake the initial site clearance to give the developer an even playing field before commencing their development.

We can advise and provide a "fixed" lump sum price for carrying out any works prior to the commencement of the proposed development. This could include the demolition and removal of structures, buildings and foundations.

Humac can and will manage the recycling of any arising from demolition and obtain where possible the certifications to allow the reuse of material on site.

  We have the facility to undertake demolition of buildings and fixed structures.

We can ensure that floor slabs and foundations are removed leaving the follow on trades with confidence that no obstructions will be encountered. Such obstructions can cause untimely delays and possibly professional charges due to redesigning foundations for instance.

  We can prepare the development site by making the site safe by erecting perimeter fencing, stripping back undergrowth, removing trees which are not protected by TPO's and strip Topsoil for safe keeping and reuse on the site.

We can organise land surveys to be conducted as a record of existing levels and then carry out reduce level excavation to pre-designed levels.



  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Hand and Machine Demolition
  • Foundation & Slab removal
  • Asbestos Management
  • Material Screening & Segregation
  • Material Re-grading for 6F2 and Type 1 approvals
  • Registered Removal

Site Strip & Preparation

  • Tree and Shrub Removal
  • Topsoil Strip & Screening
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Safety Signage
  • Reduce Level Excavation
  • Cut & Fill Excavation
  • Engineered Fill & Compaction
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